Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Learning Opportunity - at Home

This morning we had an opportunity to learn a life lesson. My family had been at a birthday party and when we got home we realized that our cat (the fearsome predator, Colby) had brought a bird into the garage. At first we thought it was dead (she brings us lots of dead mice), but when my husband bent down to scoop it into the trash we saw that it was still alive!

Well, even though I had a lot to do and really didn't have time for any distractions, I explained to my daughters how precious life is and said that we had to take the bird to the "doctor". This is a lesson I learned from my own mother when our cat attacked a bird many, many years ago and it has stuck with me (obviously - since I spent my Saturday driving to Portland with a bird tucked safetly in an applesauce box).

I don't know if my girls will remember today, but hopefully they remember the lesson - that all life is important.

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