Monday, October 15, 2012

Bloom's Taxonomy

I just got hired for a part-time position teaching middle school science! I am so excited! It will be great to get back into the classroom and I am working with a great team. In fact, it was while meeting with them today that I was inspired to write this blog post.

The 7th grade science team is leading the charge of standards based grading. I have done a little bit of this at a previous school, so I thought I was prepared. Turns out - nope!

At the meeting we were working on writing a trimester test to test students' proficiency with the standards being covered. We were using Bloom's Taxonomy to write the questions in the different levels. It may sound easy and straightforward, but it definitely is not! At least, not for me :).

Despite the difficulty, I love the idea of using this framework to write questions so we know that we are testing students' thinking and not their memorization. One of the teachers, who has lots of experience writing these types of questions, says it just takes practice, so hopefully over the next few months I can post what I have learned to help everyone else.

Here is a quick review for those of you who can't quite remember Bloom's Taxonomy (that was me at the meeting):

We considered Knowledge and Comprehension a "1", Application and Analysis a "2", Synthesis a "3" and Evaluation a "4".
I will post some of the example questions I came up with after I get some local feedback on their quality.
Are you using standards based grading in your classroom? Do you use Bloom's Taxonomy? Any advice?????

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