Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 3 in the Classroom - Much Better!

Friday was my third day in the classroom for my one class of science. I was worried about how things would go because of the challenges I faced on the first two days (lots of talking - people not caring, etc...)

Well, I came to class armed with my "assess your own behavior" plan and a positive attitude and it totally worked! We had a great day! I did have to send two kids to the office, but I think that showed the rest of my class that I meant business and we had a very productive day.

First, they totally bought into the plan to assess themselves and have their parents sign the form (see previous blog post). It was great and I saw that most of the kids really did a good job of rating themselves accurately. I hope this keeps working! (I am also excited because I found the cutest prizes for our raffle on Monday!)

Second, there was real learning going on in the classroom. We were working on graphing from data tables and I found I had some kids who didn't know how to graph a coordinate point. Well, now they do! It was so amazing so see all those light bulbs going off around the room. I felt like dancing and singing, "You're learning! You're learning!" But I didn't because these are middle school kids and I don't want to lose credibility this early in the year :)!

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