Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aliens in the Classroom! Another Freebie!

This fun writing lesson from Primary Paradise has been downloaded 1100 times!!

It is a week long writing lesson based on the kiddos writing stories about aliens. One of the stories she suggested to get started was one of my purchases at a book fair last year, Aliens Don't Wear Underpants. I just had to get it for two reasons. One, anything about underwear is funny :) and two, I have a little girl who refuses to wear underpants (that might just be an overshare - good thing she doesn't read the blog!).

I think this lesson is great because it will get kids working through the writing process and having fun! I also love the structure the lesson provides - you could hand it over to a sub and they would know exactly what to do with the kids. Plus, it gives kids lots of direction so they aren't faced with that terrifying blank page.

This is a great lesson and if you really like it (which of you will!) you can purchase more! It is very convenient!

Just click the picture above to get to the

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