Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mrs. Mean Teacher

Some of you may know that I am teaching one science class a day at a middle school. I started in October because of class overloads and everything was really thrown together at the last minute. We ended up in a tiny portable with kids coming and going for the first few days.

I didn't do as much classroom management stuff as I normally do in the first weeks because we had to stay with the other science classes. As a result my class was not the best behaved. (I would also like to note that every principal in the building told me that I had one of the toughest classes they have seen.)

So, we finally got moved to an actual science class - hooray! But, the science teacher who I share the room with was in the room during my first class and I was so embarrassed by how my class behaved. They should no discipline at all - worse than anything I have seen before.

I was not going to be embarrassed again so the next day I put our classroom rules up again for them the review. I told them that we were following these rules to the letter and that they would get one warning and then they would be sent to the "Opportunity Room".

I sent six kids to the Opportunity Room that day. Nothing big, just repeatedly breaking the little rules - being off task talking to a buddy, getting out of their seats without permission (I have a class of wanderers so we needed a very specific rule about this), etc... The kids were incredulous that I would send them out for little things, but it worked. The majority of my students were able to work in peace and I wasn't embarrassed to be the teacher.

I have a feeling that I will need to keep up this mean teacher act for a few more weeks (they are definitely tenacious), but I hope that at some point they will get the message and we can have a fun, lively classroom with lots of learning!


  1. I'm sorry - I know how tough that is. It is no fun to go into work everyday knowing that you've got to be the "mean" teacher.
    I was a 7th grade teacher for 3 years and I could never go back to middle school - leave me with my second graders. :)
    Hopefully things get better since you're now in your "new" forever home.

  2. Thank you! I am definitely wanting to get back to elementary school as well! It makes such a difference to have kids that are excited about learning and school. And they are just so stinking cute!