Sunday, December 16, 2012

Too Many Mistakes!

So, I have been changing one of my products on TpT around lately and I am so embarrassed by the number of mistakes I have found! I know that the seasoned members of TpT always recommend having someone else look at your stuff before posting, but I thought I was doing pretty good. Turns out that the constant interruptions I get while I work are having a negative effect on my work!

Well, good news is I can upload the new corrected format and my customers will get something great - which they definitely deserve!

I wish that I could work for a few uninterrupted hours every day, but with three kids under five that just isn't really an option. Maybe I could go to the library for a while after my husband gets homes from work...

If anyone out there has advice for how to work with little ones in the house, please share!

Someday I would love to make enough money to have my husband stay home with the kids while I work - a big dream on a teacher's salary :). But that really won't happen if I can't get in time to work now!

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