Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy in Connecticut

Like everyone else I am completely horrified about the shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut this morning. It is so awful it doesn't even seem real, but I know that it is very real for the families of the victims. A little piece of my heart will be forever broken for the parents whose children were taken from them.

While I watched the news nonstop this morning, desperate to make sense of this tragedy and crying, I have made the decision that I am done with it. Not for the children or the families, but the spectacle it has already become. I completely understand people wanting to know what happened, but I have decided that I know enough. I will continue to mourn for the families affected, but I can't process anymore of the horror. This is something I have to do to continue to function.

I am so thankful for my own children today and made sure to give them extra love and attention after school.

I will continue to pray for the children and adults who lost their lives today and the families left behind. I will also be sure to take extra care of the children in my life, both at school and at home. Being a little more patient and a little more willing to have fun in the moment will be my memorial to the victims. It will be my way of showing evil that it will never win.

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