Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Day Back - Principal Visit

I have to say again how proud I am of my kids. They were awesome today - a couple of reminders about classroom behavior, but nothing major. (I was especially proud when I heard other teachers complaining about how wild their students were today.)

Anyway, my kids were working hard on a reading assignment when my principal came in for a drop-in observation (nothing official, but still makes me a little nervous). She talked with a lot of kids and asked them all about what they were doing etc... The kids did great!

I stopped by the Principal's office after school to get feedback on the visit. Here is the thing - I love getting feedback (good comments make me feel great and constructive feedback helps me improve) but I always get so nervous when I don't know what someone is thinking. Well, my principal definitely agreed that they had all been wholly engaged in the class! I have been smiling all afternoon!

This was a really tough class and we have all been working really hard to figure each other out, and I feel like we are finally there. It feels great and I can't wait to get back to school tomorrow. This is saying something since just a few months ago I was ready to quit :).

On a side note, today the lesson that the kids were totally engaged in was from the Earth Science Daybook, which is paired with the Sciencesaurus book. If you haven't seen these resources I encourage you to look them up - they have great short reading passages that are interesting to the kids. I started using them on a tip from our science coach and the kids really like them - obviously!

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