Monday, January 7, 2013

Using Other Teacher's Lesson Plans

So right now I only teach one class a day - terrible time to find a job in a new district around here. Anyway, being the one odd man out, I try really hard to follow what the other teachers are doing. However, I find that many of these lessons are the ones that are the biggest disasters in my room.

It makes me wonder, are these lessons failing because I am not as invested in them, or are they failing because they just aren't great lessons?

Today I followed the "assigned" lesson and had the kids work on a concept map of catastrophic events. It was a pretty open-ended assignment that asked kids to organize what they already knew about catastrophic events. Let me just say - the assignment was a catastrophic event! The kids started misspelling words on our big chart on purpose or putting things up more than once because they thought it was so funny.

I was furious and called the activity in the middle of it. Instead, we veered off and had a really interesting debate about the government paying for large natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. I saw so much more learning going on during the debate.

I do appreciate the value of a concept map, but I don't think my kids are ready to just be handed a blank piece of paper - they don't understand relationships between concepts yet. I probably should have walked them through a concept map, but I didn't feel like that was the spirit of the assignment as I understood it...

Do you have this issue with lessons from other teachers? What do you do? I know that the schools around here are really pushing uniformity so that all of the classrooms are learning the same material and being assessed in the same ways. I really like to shape my classroom depending on the talents, abilities, and moods of my classes - can I do this and stay uniform?

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  1. I agree! I can't use other teachers' lesson plan very successfully, or at least not without modifications. I think everyone has their own style and it just doesn't seem to work well. Maybe its me, like you said if I'm not invested, but I usually need to do my own thing. (and make more work for myself).

    I really like your blog. I was just nominated for the Liebster Blog Award for new bloggers, and would like to nominate you in turn. You can click on my blog to read about it.