Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crestline Fire and Teachers pay Teachers

A couple of weeks ago (the morning of the Super Bowl) an elementary school in my district was destroyed by fire - literally nothing was left. The good news was that no one was hurt - the fire took place at about three in the morning. The bad news was - well, that a school was just gone.

Take a minute and think about what it would mean if everything in your classroom was gone overnight.

There is more good news, however. Not only has our district and the local community been amazing (the kids were back to new classes and classrooms on the Wednesday after the fire), but once again the Teachers pay Teachers community really stepped up.

I am constantly reminded of what an awesome "place" TpT is. The teacher-sellers on the site really are the best of the best. Everyone goes above and beyond and is so generous - not only when there is a disaster like the fire or Hurricane Sandy, but with their time and knowledge every day.

Here are some particular rock stars who jumped at the chance to help our Crestline teachers:

See what I mean about amazing?!

Here are some blogs, stores, and products these great teachers have chosen to share with you...

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