Monday, February 18, 2013

Greek and Latin Roots

I am working on word walls for my Greek and Latin Root Sets. My first world wall included the root word plus about five words built from the root along with their definitions. With 25 roots in each set this took a very, very long time to complete. As a result I didn't work on the rest of the sets for a long time.

I decided that it was important to offer the word walls, but to save my sanity I am not including the definitions of each word based on a root. Instead, I offer more words for each root (around 6).

I think there are benefits to both walls (with definitions and without), but what do you think? Do you use definitions on your word walls? Would you buy the set without the definitions?

Your thoughts are really appreciated - in fact I will anyone who comments on this 2 sets of both my Greek and Latin Roots Worksheets and Quizzes and the corresponding word walls.

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