Saturday, February 23, 2013

Teachers pay Teachers vs. Teacher's Notebook

I am thinking about starting a store at Teacher's Notebook, but I really don't know anything about it. I looked on Facebook and TpT has about 46,000 likes while TN has 4,000 likes. This would suggest that Teacher's Notebook has fewer participants, but how many fewer? In the TpT Newsletter a couple of weeks ago Paul said that 171,000 teachers joined in January and half of February. The difference between the hundreds of thousands of teachers on TpT and the 46,000 likes on Facebook is pretty big. So, maybe the 4,000 teachers on TN is hiding tens of thousands of teachers on the website.

You can have a free store on TN and still get 75% of your sales which isn't bad so I think I will start a free store and see what happens.

Do you participate on TN? What do you think? I know a lot of other TpT sellers are curious about this too so please share freely :).


  1. I have both. I get very few hits on my TN stuff, but I also don't promote it the way I do TpT. TN pays you every two weeks directly to Paypal. I use that money to purchase clipart and activities off of TpT. So really, TpT wins in the situation too :)


    Mathematically yours,

  2. i actually saw one of your products on TN while I was looking around. It definitely helped sway me to join :).