Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Close Readings

Today we had another class in a series of professional development classes aimed at preparing us for the transition to common core. This one was on close readings.

The idea behind close readings is that students read the text more than once and really focus on what the author is trying to say. This would include looking at specific word choices, sentence structure, text details, etc... In this way the students interact very deeply with the text.

It was a very interesting lesson and I really enjoyed talking about the sample text with my small group.

The next part of the lesson was a little more frustrating. We were sent into our PLCs to create a close reading lesson using a text for one of our classes. Now, I don't know about your science textbooks, but ours are definitely lacking the "meat" that is necessary for a productive close read. That leaves supplemental texts, but none of the other teachers in my PLC had any supplemental texts. We were a little bit stuck. (I realize we could have easily started searching online, but it is a long story - don't get me started.)

So, for any middle school (or high school) teachers out there. What supplemental texts do you use in your classroom? We are studying rocks/Earth history right now, but any topic would be helpful.

Where do you find really good science writing?

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