Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lap Books and Foldables

Now here is something I am a little bit embarrassed to admit. Until today I did not understand the appeal of foldables at all. I thought it was just a gimmick for elementary teachers - not something I would ever use in my middle school classroom. (As everyone knows middle schoolers are basically grown ups and remember everything I say during class perfectly because they understand how important it is.)

Well, that all changed today. I needed a fairly simple lab to run a lab practical for my students so I was browsing on TpT. I found a perfect lab (Lab Tomato Race Student Design), but it was only $1! I definitely would have paid $3 for it. Anyway, I needed to get over the $3 mark in order to get the lab so I was browsing for products relating to rocks and minerals (our next topic).

I happened across Rocks and Minerals Lap Books and Foldables by Life on the Fourth Floor and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. She even has a link to her product that describes how to make Lap Books and Foldables which was really helpful as well.

Now I am addicted to making foldables :) (Yes, addictions can come on within just an hour or two of first exposure.) I really think that my students are going to be more engaged in class and they might actually go back through their notebooks if they are full of these fun foldables.

I was already planning on doing more pasting into our notebooks (their handwriting is for the most part awful) and I think this will add even more fun to the process.

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