Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Awesome Lesson Today!

I had the best class today! We did my workshop lesson on landforms and everything went perfectly. I had all of the students engaged and excited about the topic. (I even had some kids ready to fight over our discussion of how certain landforms formed. - Fighting is not good, but it was great to see them so passionate about science!)

This lesson (and the other workshop lessons we have been doing) have gone exactly as I pictured when I created them. The idea is that I give the kids the basic information during the mini-lesson then I have them do something with it during the workshop time.

In this lesson we went over the pertinent vocabulary together then I gave them nine color foldables showing pictures of different landforms (two important things: (1) color is expensive, but it is worth it here and (2) if you can, cut out the foldables before class or you will lose them as they cut them out and chat with their friends). They then had to use a list we created together to determine what each landform was called.

The next step was to categorize the landforms by how they are formed (tectonic activty and deposition (building up) or weathering and erosion (tearing down)). This was were it got quite heated in our classroom.

Some of my normal troublemakers in class were my most passionate debaters today. I think this is because the lesson was very tactile - moving pieces around etc... and the information was accessible to them. They didn't have to find the information in the book and then classify it.

I realize that reading is very important, but sometimes it blocks my struggling students from accessing the material. I do have many workshop lessons that involve reading, but I try to chunk the readings so the kids aren't dealing with more than one idea at a time. (I will post how these lessons go later.)

Anyway, to celebrate my success I am making my Landforms Workshop Lesson free on TpT and TN all night long - yep, today was that amazing! (Okay, TN wouldn't let me list it for free without completely relisting the product so I changed the price to $.25.) I will run a giveaway too or, if you really want it free, just head over to TpT.

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