Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blogger MIA

I know I have been MIA for a while. The end of the year, trying to find a position for next year, three kids under five... Pick an excuse. Lately by 8 I am knocked out and under the covers - not a great way to blog :).

Here is one thing I have managed to do... watch three seasons of Downton Abbey. It was a lot of work, but I did it. I fought watching it for a long time, despite how many people raved about it. I will say it took me about two episodes to get completely hooked. I started watching it with my husband, but couldn't wait for him and ended up watching all three seasons. Now he won't let me tell him what happened and I have no one to talk about it with! If you haven't watched yet you can get Season 1 on Netflix, Season 2 on Hulu Plus, and all three seasons on Amazon - if you are an Amazon Prime customer all three seasons are free to watch on Instant Video - otherwise it is $14.99 to download.

On the job front things are looking good. I have an interview with a local school district on Friday. The district doesn't interview for specific positions so I am a little curious about where that could lead. I am also hoping to get interviews for a few other elementary positions in other school districts around the area. Right now I am definitely feeling overwhelmed by all the unknowns for next year! We are looking to buy a house wherever I get hired, but can't really get looking until I get hired somewhere. Also, my oldest daughter starts kindergarten next fall, but we can't register yet because we don't know where we are living. All I need is a position and then I will be one busy lady getting everything else set up.

I am working on a few things for TpT - focused on elementary school since I am hoping I will need these things next year. Watch Facebook for announcements that I have new products - everything is free for the first 24 hours!

Thanks for checking in - I will try to get more posts out this week. I always have lots on my mind to share!

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