Thursday, May 30, 2013

Science "Memory" Book

So, I just found out that my experiment kit will be collected on Monday. School doesn't get out for two more weeks and I had experiments planned up until the last couple of days. Well, that plan is out the window!

I started thinking about how inspiring it would be for the kids to reflect on everything they have learned this year (instead of doing experiments) next week. Then I got the idea to make a picture book - like kids do in elementary school. Each page would be about a topic we covered this year and would include a place for a picture and a very short writing prompt. I am hoping that this will be fun and silly enough that the kids will be motivated to do it on their own.

While we have fun with it next week, it could also serve as an important tool for them next year. I am not sure about the logistics of storing the books for them over the summer since I won't be coming back next year, but somehow I want to keep the books for them so that next year they can use them as a reference. We cover a lot of similar material in 7th and 8th grade and I think the books would be a great way to jog students' memories quickly.

I went ahead and made the book tonight so I can get it printed up in plenty of time for school next week. In my opinion it looks pretty awesome. I am excited to share it on Teachers pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook, but it is very specific to my school. As a result I am making it a freebie and leaving it as a PowerPoint so that teachers can edit as necessary.

I am going to bed tonight, but look for it in the next couple of days.

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