Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memorizing Multiplication Facts

Okay, I have something to admit. I didn't memorize my multiplication facts until college. There - it feels good to admit it!

Now, that being said, I am still pushing my fourth graders like crazy so that they will memorize their facts this year - before Christmas. I just see how much easier everything in math is if you don't have to think really hard every time there is a multiplication or division problem.

Most of my kids are doing great - way better than I ever did. However, I have a few kids who seem to be refusing to memorize their facts.

I have one student who comes to the classroom every morning (yes, every morning) an hour before school to work with me. Now, I admit that I don't spend that entire hour working with her one-on-one - I do have to get ready for the day, but I do work with her.

I was so excited when our instructional coach came to give her a multiplication test to see how much she had progressed. Well, she didn't improve. In fact, she got worse. What?!?

I sent the four students who haven't improved on their time tables home with a massive packet of multiplication work for Thanksgiving Break. Mean, I know, but what else can I do?

I don't know if any of them will do any of it, but hopefully something will stick in their brains.

Anyway, I am on the look out for new and different ways to help students learn/memorize their multiplication facts. Any ideas?

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