Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Classroom Organization - Part Two

Here is my second post on classroom organization tricks I use in my classroom. To see part one, you can click here.

I have seen many libraries like this on blogs and Pinterest, but I thought I would share my version. This is just a tiny part of our huge classroom library - I buy books at Goodwill and Salvation Army every chance I can. The boxes are labeled with the genre or series title. Then, individual books are coded for each box. For example, realistic fiction books are labeled with an "R". This makes it possible for any student in my class to return books. Last year the library was a mess by the end of the year because many students didn't know where to put back books. It took some time to label all the books this summer, but it was totally worth it!

This was an idea that came from one of my team members this year. Our students bring extra supplies at the beginning of the year - as I am sure all students do. Usually these supplies are then organized and kept by the teacher. I decided I didn't want to have any common supplies this year, so this wasn't going to work for me. (We had an issue last year with a couple of kids wrecking our supplies so by the end of the year we were short on everything. I had theories about who was doing it, but I never actually saw anything happen. We were just left with broken materials which was terrible, especially for those kids who were so careful with everything they used.) 

Instead of collecting materials I numbered plastic bags and had kids put their extra supplies in the bag. Now, when students run out of something, they go to their bag (stashed in number order) and get what they need. If they don't have what they need, it is their responsibility to borrow from a friend or let mom and dad know. So far this year it has worked really well.

This is not a great picture - sorry about that. The top shelf is what I was trying to capture. These are my baskets for parent volunteers. I have such a hard time putting together work for parent volunteers - I am just never ready when someone is available. So, I labeled these baskets with different tasks: return, copy, cut, and laminate. Now, when something needs to be done I put it in a basket. It is a good reminder to me of what needs to get done, and if a parent does come in they know exactly what to do without disturbing the class. (I do write notes to help them know what I need.) If no parents come in, I can do the work myself without too much fuss.

P.S.- Do you notice the large amount of hand sanitizer on the lower shelf? That is just a fraction of the hand sanitizer I have stashed around the classroom. I am literally drowning in hand sanitizer!

Okay - that is all for now. Check back for Part Three soon :).

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