Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is definitely a luxury for me. Usually I am too busy to think about buying it and then using it. (I know this seems crazy, but really I just don't think about it very often.) Well, I remembered to use some shaving cream I bought months ago the other night and I was struck by how fun shaving cream is. I love how it feels to squish it between my fingers!

This made me think about my third graders. If I think shaving cream is fun, they would think it was amazing in the classroom! Of course, I wouldn't just let them play with it - there would have to be some learning involved.

The first thing I thought of was spelling word practice. I realize this is more of a primary activity, but it would still be a different way of practicing spelling words - especially for those kids who are kinesthetic learners.
Second thought - math facts. Again, I think the fun factor would be motivating for some students. We could also draw arrays, show place value - basically anything we do on paper we could do on shaving cream.

I am thinking I would put it on a back table and lay down newspapers around the area. It seems like a perfect "Fun Friday" activity - plus that means I won't have to set it up every day.

Do you use shaving cream in your classroom? How does it go? What do I need to know as a newbie to shaving cream?

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