Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Love Google Drive!

Last week our school had a short (very short!) training on Google Drive. Our school got 90 Chromebooks and we needed to learn how to use them.

Even though the training was short - it was amazing! I had no idea all of the things we can do in the classroom with Google Drive and Google Classroom! The kids love it, so they are totally engaged and it makes differentiating truly possible.

I am going to share what I am learning - through the training and on my own - in several posts. Here is the first one:

Setting up your Google Drive with Teachers Pay Teachers in mind.

First, you need a Google account. If you have a gmail account - you have a Google account.

Once you sign in to your account you will find a 3 by 3 array in the upper right corner of the Google search page.

Click this array and a menu will pop up. Select "Google Drive".

You will get to a page that looks a little like the one below. If this is your first time in Google Drive you won't have any documents or folders though.

To create a new folder or document, click the red button in the left side of the screen. If you are running the old version of Google Drive (old, like a few weeks ago) the red button will say, "Create". If you are running the new version of Google Drive it will say, "New".

Once you click this button you will see options to create a new folder, Google Docs, Google  Sheets, or Google Slides.

The Google types of documents are just like Office documents, but they have the very important bonus that you have them with you all the time! I love this. I used to constantly e-mail myself stuff. It took forever, and I did not like it! Now, I have everything I work on at home on my school computer. It is wonderful!

Now, just a heads up.

If you are like me, you create a lot of resources for your class and then sell them on TpT. But did you know that if you use any district resources to create what you make, the school district may have legal grounds to claim that product as their own? I don't make enough money for them to be interested yet, but I do plan on that changing eventually. So, I make sure that I don't use any school resources to create my products.

This gets complicated because my school and provided us with Google Education accounts. Anything I create here may be considered "district owned". So, I need to create everything on my personal Google Drive.

The good news is I can "SHARE" anything from my personal drive with my school drive. I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to do this and keep everything organized. Finally, I just created a folder named, "My Drive" in my personal account. I put everything in that folder - other folders too. Then, I shared the "My Drive" folder with my school account. Now, anything I work on for my personal account will automatically show up in that folder for my school account.

Okay, that is it for now. I don't know that I did the best job explaining it. I find the best way to learn Google Drive is to just jump in. When you get stuck, just "Google" your question. There are tons of resources out there to answer every question you could possibly have.

More to come! Have a great night!

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