Saturday, March 7, 2015

Just One Thing - March 7

I thought it would be easy to think of just one thing to share, but it turns out one thing is harder than writing about a lot of things. I feel pressure to have it be good!

Okay, here is my one thing this week.

This week I am missing 2 days of school (one full day and two half days) to work on curriculum development with my third grade team. I, personally, am excited about this because I enjoy collaborating with my team and we don't get a lot of chances to do it in a regular school day.

On the other hand. When we do these collaborations done we only manage to plan for one unit of a subject at the very most - a tiny fraction of what we are actually teaching in the classroom.

Our district doesn't have set curriculum for any subject, so you can imagine the amount of work that goes into getting ready to teach.

Here is what I am wondering this week. If every team in every school is taking these days to plan and getting so little done, is this the best use of our resources?

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